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Mental Fitness in Business:

Breaking the stigma, one conversation at a time

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing, or Mental Fitness, will continue to be a conversation dominating Boardrooms up and down the country. But how do you bring it into reality? 

Jonny advocates that positive mental wellbeing in the workplace is fundamental to creating a culture where each and every person brings their whole self to work and can thrive. In turn, such an inclusive culture will lead to improved productivity and business success. It is through the power of conversations and the ability to break the stigma that we can proudly promote positive mental fitness day in, day out. 

Jonny's vision is to create an environment where we truly support our colleagues, our friends, our family and our customers, through challenging times and also support positive mental fitness.

Jonny supports organisations by sharing his own personal story and tools that business can use to build their own plans.

Find out more about Jonny's story, United Kin